TropicaCasino review

Notorious for its appalling customer service, Tropica Casino is an online casino you should steer clear of. Although once a recommended website, disparaging comments and irrefutable proofs have caused it to become blacklisted.

It is going down the drain together with its sister casinos created by the notorious Cyberrock Entertainment. It has some advantages – don’t let them fool you. It certainly deserves the “coveted” title of a rogue casino.

General Information

Tropica Casino was created in 2009. It falls under the Refilliate Group, along with such casinos as Ricardo’s and Gibson. It operates under the Master License issued by the Curaçao government. Although offering an array of casino games, it has become notorious for its customer support, that did not pay enough attention to the problems their customers faced.

The information about the customers’ complaints has been shared all over the Internet to warn other players not to go down this road. There are emails and live chat correspondence which, as proven, are riddled with threats and profanities. Yet customer support is not solely to blame for its bad reputation.

To be specific, certain players have highlighted their practice of slow payments or, in some cases, non-payments. Due to these issues, a significant number of players had turned to the casino support team. Several players, who fell into disputes, faced a wall of resistance from the customer service. The foul language intensified this experience.

First Impression

Tropica Casino website is commendable. It features a nice-looking island theme filled with images which deserves your attention. The eye-catching banners offer bonuses, including the “25 free no deposit bonus,” as well as three options for you to enjoy their games.

Firstly, the live chat is easily accessible – you will find it on the bottom left part of the website. You need to enter your email address and, after that, the conversation will start. We had to wait a few minutes for an agent to join the chat and then only a few moments to get a quick reply. And this is really fast!

Secondly, the top part of the website has several categories for you to easily navigate, and this feature makes the website user-friendly. For example, if you click on the “Promotions,” you will see the offers that this casino is really proud of (e.g., welcome bonus, first, second and third deposit). The website is available in five languages and contains a list of games divided into several categories. There are video slots, table games, and bingo, to name a few.

By scrolling down the page, you can read through their terms and conditions. Although the website uses legal parlance, the wording in certain sentences does seem harsh – especially when they claim that all their decisions are final and should be accepted by the players as such.

Also, if you check the T&C section for bonuses, they will make your head spin. Remember those bonuses this casino boasts you about? Well, it would seem that they are non-withdrawable, and the casino claims that they are only there to better your gaming process more enjoyable. This is a clear indication that they advertise what ultimately is a sticky bonus and use it in their favor.

If this is not enough to prompt you to stop toying with the idea of depositing your money into their account, stick around, as other claims will prevent you from even thinking in that direction.

Games and Software

The website offers three ways to play games. The first one is to download, install and play games on the computer. This download client is perfect for Windows users. If you are a player who likes to try your luck only in one slot game, then we would recommend this option for you.

The second option is instant play. To do this, you need to click on the “Instant Play” on the website of Tropica Casino. It also allows you to select between “Play for Real” and “Play for Fun” options to figure out which one you will like more. There are no restrictions regarding the operating system, and you are only one click away from accessing their games.

The final option is for active mobile phone users. By clicking on the option, you would need to select from two available options: Google Chrome, for Android users, and Safari, for those who use iOS. If you are a big fan of this option, then you will be able to select from more than 35 games.

Furthermore, Tropica Casino uses Rival Software, which allows them to offer several categories from which you can choose the games you are interested in (table games, bingo, etc). However, owing to Rival Software, the website emphasizes slot games and provides a wide range of titles for their true lovers.

Moreover, we did not find any issues with the layout of the website, as it even offers step by step explanation on how to go about registering and starting the journey. The main issue for us pose numerous complaints and stories which indicate the rogue behavior that hides behind this seemingly run-of-the-mill casino. We will highlight some negative comments below.

User Experience

As expected, when dealing with a rogue casino, there are a myriad of complaints and proofs of more than atrocious service players have received. For this reason, a lot of watchdog portals have flagged the casino. The portals claim that they did not resolve a lot of complaints which they addressed.

An array of issues pertain to non-payment. Some players would follow all the procedures required to receive a cash out only to face a long period of silence from customer support. In these cases, a resolution did not follow this silence, and there are still players out there who hope to receive their cash.

Some other issues are related to slow payment process. Those players whose documentation was accepted had to spend a significant amount of time contacting Customer Support. Only due to their persistence they ultimately got what they wanted – the money they earned.

If this was not enough to raise a flag, wait until you hear the next part.

You probably thought that we were overreacting when indicating that their customer support is not on par with the best ones (to put it mildly). Honestly, customer support can be mediocre and cause you a lot of headaches, however, in the end, you will receive a solution. This is not the case with these guys.

Their customer support representatives were caught swearing like sailors in email and live chat correspondences. Some agents called certain players liars and even went as far as to threaten that they will ruin them financially. Today, when everyone is putting a stress on privacy, Tropica Casino publicly said, on certain watchdog portals, that they will release sensitive information that would work in their favor. Now, if this doesn’t make you run for the hills…

As an online casino, they are bound to deal with sensitive information, including bank details, so for them to announce, on a public platform, that they will share this is more than worrisome. How can you ensure that your details will not be compromised? Easy – don’t spend your time on this casino and, most importantly, don’t share your details with them.

This casino is as rogue as they can be and is getting away with it.

Pros and Cons

Multilingual websiteRival softwareThree ways of playing the gamesSSL encryption
Appalling Customer ServicePayment issues (including non-payment)Predatory Terms and ConditionsNon-withdrawable bonus

Our Verdict

In summary, Tropica Casino has some parts which work in their favor. But once you delve deeper you will find that there is more to this than meets the eye. Therefore, we would strongly advise you against spending your time on it. The user experience is enough to attest that this is one casino everyone should be wary of.


Customer support: 1/10

Cashout time: 3/10

Software: 8/10

Jurisdiction: 6/10

Total: 4.5/10


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