Which online casinos were blacklisted in Canada in 2020? From unfair games to poor customer service, here’s a list of Canadian casinos that just aren’t up to standards.

Scam Blacklisted Casinos in 2020 — A Must-read List

In the last couple of years, Canada has become quite a welcoming home to many passionate casino players. Here, there are many casinos that embody the classic Vegas theme, which can never be wrong. Many Canadian online casinos offer top-notch casino games and provide amazing service to all the visitors.

However, more and more rogue casinos are coming up, making the players reconsider their choice of top places to try their luck at. We found many punishable errors these scam casinos knowingly made to affect the players’ rights, and we created a rogue casino list as a guide for you.

We tried our best to investigate and find the real reason why you should steer clear of these blacklisted casinos. The repeating problem is that a casino or a group of casinos are withholding player winnings. Simply put, they do not like the idea of giving away so much money to the players, even if they won it fair and square. And because of that, the casinos will try to slow the payments down, or even refuse to pay them altogether, claiming the player has broken a major rule of a casino.

This is why so many rogue online gambling sites have rather predatory terms and conditions. That way, when you are in a situation where you have to explain yourself about what you won, you are already set for failure. Remember, good casinos will never withhold your money, no matter how big or small your winnings are. Real and respectable casinos want to make sure you are satisfied with your gambling experience, and they look forward to seeing you jubilant (and coming back for more) after scoring a big win.

Similarly, many rogue casinos use unfair and rigged games, so you will never have a chance to win real money no matter how hard you try. For this reason, we use the latest high-tech programs to determine whether a game is actually beatable, so everyone has a fair chance of winning. However, these casinos simply refuse to apply them.

We decided to visit the blacklisted sites for ourselves, so you don’t have to. In the following passages, you can read about scam casinos in Canada, that will only waste your time and money — hence why our review site recommends avoiding them at all costs.

Atlantic Casino Club

Initially, a respectable new casino with a bright future ahead of it, Atlantic Casino Club is now on many blacklists on various review sites across the world, including ours. Namely, this casino was caught using pirated and unfair games several times, which is why many frustrated players were right to go elsewhere.

Many others also requested that their deposits go back to their accounts, but each one of them was promptly rejected, to the disbelief of many. Moreover, this casino states on their website that they accept players from the UK, despite not having a UKGC license. This is obviously a scam as well since it is not possible for both of these situations to happen at the same time.

50 Stars Casino

This blacklisted casino was reviewed by many sites in Canada because of their repeating restrictive payouts and was eventually shut down this year. This casino is far from having a 1-star reputation, let alone 50; it didn’t even offer any welcoming bonuses! Unfortunately, that’s not the end of it; merely the start.

They refused payouts for many a player, which is shameful for any casino, let alone a casino that has been present for over 10 years. We are having trouble understanding how they lasted for so long in the first place.

In addition, their customer service operators are quite friendly and knowledgeable, as long as you don’t complain. If you ask for your missing payouts, you will be transferred to another department, and then another one, and another one, just to be safe. Eventually, you will simply give up, instead of wasting your time and struggling further; what the casino strived to accomplish in the first place.

Bet Voyager

This one is for the books. Bet Voyager Casino actually made tournament winners spam other sites and forums with positive reviews in order to get paid with what they earned beforehand! This is one of the most despicable business practices in the industry, and the reason why many review sites are firmly against it. Not only that, but they are also working very hard to make sure that everyone knows the truth about them. However, the casino is still up and running, which we hope will change in the future, for the players’ sake.

Also, this casino is known for having promotions that don’t quite add up. Many players made several complaints that their bonuses weren’t available even after they reached all the requirements.


Despite holding the UKGC license, bCasino is a blatantly rogue operation. As it turns out, bCasino isn’t exactly keen on paying the players. What we’re referring to is the predatory clause which limited the withdrawals of progressive jackpots. Given the fact that the withdrawal maximum at bCasino is 5,000 GBP, it would take longer than a decade to receive the full sum of the jackpot.

The casino did change this clause, and progressive jackpots are now exempt from this limitation. However, we’re almost certain they opted to change their T&C not because they care about the players, but because they were reported for compliance to the UKGC. 

Furthermore, we must point out bCasino’s dormancy clause. Namely, this rogue casino reserves the right to deduct 10% or £10 from players’ accounts after six months of inactivity. But that’s not the worst of it. There is evidence that clearly suggests a direct tie to the notorious Oceanbets Group, which was caught running pirated games. 

Do yourself a favor and stay far away from this rogue pit. 

Cool Cat Casino

This not-so-cool cat is part of the Virtual Casino Group, a congregation of online casinos that have been plagued with an overabundance of issues since 2002. All of the members of this rogue group are suffering from the same problems – excruciatingly long withdrawal times, overly strict (and borderline predatory) Terms, and confiscation of legitimate player winnings. 

Cool Cat Casino is no exception; there’s a heap of player complaints regarding this casino’s conduct, most of which are, unsurprisingly, still unresolved. Whereas once the casino tried to justify their rogue behavior, nowadays they choose to merely ignore all the problems. 

Therefore, gambling at Cool Cat Casino could easily be considered an “extreme” sport. First, you have to win at the games themselves, and then gamble on whether the casino will actually pay out your winnings. Stay as far away from this stray cat as possible.

Casino Del Rio

Despite this casino investing an astonishing amount into advertisement back in the day—when it was still operational—that still couldn’t drown out the noise from the many player complaints.

The biggest issue players had were the slow payments, which made them promptly contact the casino to resolve the matter. However, all the players got in response were vague answers, more documentation requests and with that, more delays. Although some complaints were resolved, many still remained open, which did not help the casino stay afloat.

Dendera Casino

This casino is not recommended in Canada for many reasons. First of all, they do not list their licensing information, which is simply unacceptable and highly predatory. Next, they are known for spamming their users with content, clogging their pages and making them regret they ever visited their site in the first place.

Also, the thing that stands out the most is that this casino is aimed at Australian users; even though online casinos are actually forbidden in Australia. To top it all off, the casino is known for being unresponsive to complaints, despite claiming they are available and eager to help 24/7.

Dreams Casino

Many players unfortunate enough to gamble here have wondered if they dreamt that they won. This is due to the fact that, in the best-case scenario, it takes Dreams Casinos over two weeks to pay out. And that’s if they decide to pay you in the first place. 

This doesn’t really come as a surprise, however. Namely, Dreams Casino is known to veteran online gamblers after a different name – Cirrus Casino. This online gambling destination has been around since the ‘90s. As you’ve surely guessed, they didn’t opt for a rebrand because they suddenly stopped liking the casino’s name. 

The reason behind the rebrand is the ill-reputation that follows Cirrus casino. They’re another member of the rogue band that is the Virtual Casino Group. After the rebrand, nothing changed, save the name; Dreams Casino is still as rogue as ever. So we would strongly advise against playing here if you value your time and money.


Euromoon hasn’t been around for too long. The casino launched in 2015. but has already managed to get blacklisted by nearly everyone in the online gambling community. Again, we can’t say that this shocked us in the slightest. 

Namely, Euromoon operates under Game Tech N.V. – a company has been caught running fake NetEnt games in the past. That alone should be reason enough to avoid this casino at all cost. You know what they say: “Fool me once, shame on you…” 

Even if Euromoon was fully legit, we’d still advise players to look elsewhere. With a rogue parent company, it’s only a matter of time before the casino shows their true face. It didn’t take Euromoon long. In fact, they were rogue from the get-go. There are literally hundreds of player complaints regarding this casino’s “no pay” policy.


Goldbetting isn’t your typical rogue casino. No; they’re trying to pull off a different, more elaborate kind of scam. Rather than openly refusing to pay or relying on predatory Terms to void players’ winnings, they are praying on the naiveté of people new to the online gambling world. 

Namely, Goldbetting is one of the casinos running on Wager21 software. The problem with this software company is the fact that their games are deliberately deceptive. In the demo mode, they have an unrealistically high RTP, leading inexperienced players to believe they can expect similar returns once they start wagering real money.

It doesn’t stop there, however. When players do win, there’s a high chance Goldbetting casino will stall their payments, often indefinitely. We can’t help but feel disgusted by this would-be online casino.

Lady Dream

The story’s the same with Lady Dream casino. They’re running on the same rigged software and relying on the exact same strategy to swindle the players. It’s like a thief putting on a different shirt and expecting you to fall for the same trick twice. 


Londons casino is not only rogue, but it’s also disrespectful towards players. After refusing to pay two players for several months, they’ve finally responded with an outright offensive email, rather than offering an explanation of why the process is taking so long. Not that there’s anything that could justify not paying out legitimate winnings for over three months, but still.

Verbally abusing your customers is inexcusable in any industry. The irony is that, judging from the email, Londons casino did this out of fear for their reputation. This incident blew up in their face, as the bulk of their player base realized who they were dealing with. 

Since then, the casino hasn’t done much to try and remedy the wrongdoing. Even if they had issued an apology and compensated the players in question, we’d still suggest playing elsewhere.

Palace of Chance

At this palace of chance, nothing is as it seems. First, the terms with which you acquire and apply bonuses are unclear; not to mention that the overall image of the website is quite bad and poorly designed. Naturaly, this isn’t exactly a punishable offense, but it seems like the designers did it on purpose to deceive the players.

Moreover, the casino has received many complaints about slow payments over the years, which makes it obvious that this is a recurirng problem for them. Not only that, but it looks like they are not so eager to solve it.

Party City Casino

This casino was blacklisted by many countries around the world several times before eventually shutting down. In the beginning, the casino did not offer any kind of welcoming bonus for a long time. This, however, changed with a flashy 1,000% match on your first deposit.

And though they guaranteed the protection of all your personal information through a top-notch SSL encryption, it does not seem like the casino cares that much about each player. The flood of complaints the players made were greeted coldly and were not handled in a timely manner, or often not at all.

Royal Ace Casino

This casino is blacklisted in Canada for many reasons. From having an outdated website to unclear Terms and Conditions regarding promotions, you name it. An especially big issue with them is having to wait for your withdrawal for over two weeks! And when you think of so many casinos with instant payment options, you have to wonder — is that the best you can do, Royal Ace?

Ruby Slots

If Ruby Slots doesn’t ring a bell, their previous name might – VIP Lounge Casino. They rebranded in 2012. as a last-ditch effort to maintain a relatively high player base. Again, as with most casinos that opt for a rebrand, hardly anything changed other than the name itself.

They are still using the same trick – offering generous no deposit bonuses, then making it virtually impossible to cash out. And we’re not talking just about the high wagering requirements. A much bigger problem is the insanely strict bonus terms the casino relies on to void your winnings. 

For instance, if you claim two free codes, without making a deposit in between, you can say goodbye to all the money you win. Rather than making it unavailable to claim two free codes in a row, the casino itself prompts you to do so by sending you promotional emails. 

They want to appear generous on the surface when in reality they’re banking on the fact that you’ll either lose – and be none the wiser, or that you’ll breach one of their ridiculous terms. Even if you somehow manage to stay compliant with every single one of the rules they enforce, they might still not pay you. 

What’s more, Ruby Slots casino won’t even bother giving you an explanation. Understandable, given the fact that the only reason is that they don’t really want to part with the money.

Wild Vegas Casino

Another member of the Virtual Casino Group, Wild Vegas Casino is just as rogue as its brethren. The deal with the entire group is that they’re very reluctant to pay out. This stems from the fact the operator’s decision to try and attract new players with generous no deposit bonuses.

The strategy worked, but aside from casual gamblers, it attracted a ton of bonus abusers and multi-accounters. To protect themselves, both Wild Vegas Casino and other members of the Virtual Group have gone from one extreme to the other.

They’ve tightened up their bonus terms to the point that it’s virtually impossible to withdraw any money you win off of their bonuses. Paranoid as they now are, every single withdrawal request is subject to a long and painful review process. So it takes over two weeks on average to receive winnings at this online casino. And that’s if you’re lucky and they do decide to pay you. 


It doesn’t take more than a few minutes on the casino’s website to notice the two major red flags. First, Winnermillion doesn’t provide any information regarding their ownership. Secondly, their license seal doesn’t link to a license page. This immediately gives away the fact that they’re up to some shady business. 

That said, there’s no need to speculate. There are tons of player complaints regarding the casino’s conduct, that there’s no doubt whether Winnermillion is rogue or not. Moreover, they are completely unresponsive and are showing no interest in resolving the disputes.

On top of that, Winnermillion features several ludicrous clauses in their T&C. For example, to be able to make a withdrawal, you’d have to first wager a sum equal to 10x your deposit. To put things into perspective – reputable, legitimate online casinos don’t enforce any limitations when you’re playing with your own money (aside from the maximum withdrawal limit, of course).

Avoid At All Costs

As you can see, the list of offenses these casinos in Canada made over the years is practically infinite. From delayed and refused payouts to being rude to their players, and even rigging the game. Many of these casinos are now closed, so there is no point in telling you to avoid them. However, we still included them on our list, just so you know how to spot similar (despicable) behavior when you go on about searching for a casino of your dreams.

Essentially, you can see that Canada takes good care of its players by banning these casinos promptly. This list continues to expand as we write these words, but look at it as a good thing — the hard-working regulatory bodies are making sure your gambling experience is not only enjoyable but also safe.

Canada is far from being a world’s gambling center, such as Vegas, but they have other things going for them. Like making sure that the players and their money is safe each step of the way, and giving them a heads up on which casinos to avoid.


  1. Oh, yes, sir, rig the game they did! But I would not have anything with the rogues anymore, so I just folded. There are plenty of respectful sites where you can play, and normal people to deal with. Just do your homework, read, like here. Thanks, neat insight!


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