Video Poker Classic

Video Poker Classic is one of the online casinos operated by the Gambling Federation group, which has been considered rogue ever since the incident that happened in 2005. The players’ database was invaded, and as a result, users began to receive spam. This kind of mismanagement is unacceptable, as a casino has an obligation to protect players’ personal information.

Given Video Poker Classic’s connection to the mentioned operator, it does not come as a surprise that we have decided to throw it into the void of blacklisted casinos. However, there is a silver lining for Video Poker Classic. It is no longer active, so its operators cannot run their shady business anymore. At least, they cannot do it via seemingly legitimate gambling website. We will make sure to provide you with as many details as possible so that you will be able to recognize a website that resembles this one and stay away from it.

General Information

When you run a gambling website, regardless of whether it offers video poker casino games or some other games, you need to have it licensed. Otherwise, there is no reason to consider it qualified to operate. There are various authorities that can issue a gambling license. Some of them are reliable, others not so much. The example of the latter is Costa Rica that can issue only business licenses. However, Video Poker Classic did not appear to have a license at all. That fact speaks in favor of its shadiness. It was also probably a way for the operators to deprive the players of any protection.

The licensing information is not the only piece of information this casino was trying to hide. The operators also never published the RTP percentage for any of their slot games. Return to Player percentage is a rather essential data, which is why a gambler has to be aware of it.

First Impression

Even though Video Poker Classic is no longer functioning, the screenshots of its webpage still exist. We have found them to describe the casino to you.

The Video Poker Classic layout was rather dull. The background was one bright shade of blue. There used to be a logo of the casino in the upper left corner. The designers organized all the options relevant to the games and some descriptions of the casino quite well but without any imagination or creativity.

The banners advertising certain games were neatly placed so that the players could easily spot them. All the news and welcoming introduction were on the main page. It was also stated that you could choose between playing for free and for real money.

The menu on the left held the options for creating an account and contacting the customer support. At the top of the page, below the title, there was an option of downloading the app, details about promotions and other information. Apart from that, the top menu included the button that probably had the purpose of redirecting you to the game page.

At the very bottom of the page, you could see the sections containing different types of games. Each section had its title and a picture that represented a preview of the games that were in it.

Games and Software

When you see the name of the casino, you probably expect it to focus mainly on variations of poker games. If so, you are right, because Video Poker Classic used to offer a vast number of video poker games. However, some other types of games enriched the selection as well. For instance, the casino used to provide 29 slot games. In addition to that, there were table games, arcade games, and lottery games available.

As you can see, the game selection used to be rather abundant. Ever88 Entertainment powered all the games, including 39 game types available for download. Ever88 Entertainment is a quite decent software provider, formerly known as CGTV.

Apparently, the option of live games was not available. However, given everything we have stated and all the things we are yet to reveal, this is completely irrelevant. We do not advise you to trust such a suspicious casino with your funds in the first place. Therefore, it really does not matter if it offers live games or not.

The players had the possibility of accessing the casino via iPhone, so there was an option of gambling on the go. However, that also means that the operators had more than one way of ripping the players off.

Download was also an option, as the advertisement on the screenshot of the home page clearly shows. Thirty-nine different authentic video games were available for download. The selection included 12 table games, 26 slots, and one video poker game.

User Experience

Although the operators went out of their way to present this gambling website as an authentic video poker casino, the reputation of its owner speaks for itself.

The terms and conditions section of Video Poker Classic contained some additional material for blacklisting the casino. It used to offer sticky bonuses, which is a huge disadvantage in the online gambling world. You can never withdraw the money playing with these bonuses. When you claim your first withdrawal, money simply disappears from your account.

The wagering requirements were 20x bonus for both slot games and table poker. On top of that, the only games you were able to play while having a bonus were slots, Caribbean Poker, Texas Bonus Poker, and Lottery games.

As for the payment methods, players could choose from myCitadel, Neteller, Paysafecard, and Skrill for both depositing and withdrawing the funds. Bank Transfer, EcoPayz, EntroPay, Maestro, MasterCard, Solo, and Visa were available for deposits only. Users could use cheques for withdrawing the money but not for depositing.

One user has described his experience with the infamous Gambling Federation group. He made a withdrawal request after meeting the wagering requirements. However, not only was the request not approved, but he also had troubles with the customer service. Ultimately, he only received an answer stating that the wagering requirements were not in fact fulfilled. The people behind the customer service claimed that the user needed to wager another £10.000. The player did so, even though the request was a clear violation of the terms but failed to collect his money once again. Needless to say, the operators never delivered the payout.

Pros and Cons

The only advantage this casino has to show for is the fact that it no longer exists. We cannot think of any positive thing we could have said about it while it was still active. It had a nice selection of games, but so does every legitimate online casino.

On the other hand, the disadvantages are numerous. For starters, Video Poker Classic was guilty of association with the Gambling Federation group. The cons kept piling up from that point on. The casino failed to provide the customers with licensing information. It also did not state the RTP rate for its slot games. On top of it all, it had a sticky bonus, which is a perfect way of stealing from the players.

Our Verdict

This is one of the worst online casinos we have ever had a chance to review. Fortunately, it does not exist anymore, but that does not mean you should relax. Keep an eye on all the gambling websites that even remotely resemble this one. There are far better online casinos that will actually deliver your winnings along with the possibility of playing fun games.

Casino Rating

  • Complaint resolution: 1/10
  • Cashout time: 1/10
  • Software: 6/10
  • Jurisdiction/license: 1/10
  • Total score: 2/10


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