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Rogue Gambling Sites: 2020 Blacklisted Casino Websites

Having difficulties finding out if a casino you want to gamble in is reputable? The best thing you can do is check if it is on anyone’s blacklist.

Blacklists are best friends of gamblers who are worried about visiting the “wrong” website. After all, when money is at stake, there are always people who will be willing to break any moral rules to make a profit. So, if you want to protect yourself from the worst of the worst, make sure to learn about the infamous blacklists.

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What Are Rogue Casinos

Online gambling is incredibly popular right now. And with each month that passes, more and more people discover this incredible source of fun. But the fact that it is a very young industry still remains, which also means that not all casinos are strictly regulated. Unfortunately, that has led to a large number of casinos becoming predatory with their practices. Casinos that try to trick people out of their hard-earned money through rigged games, shady practices, tricky terms and conditions, and other immoral practices are commonly known as “rogue casinos”.

On the other hand, not everything is that bad. Thankfully, there are numerous organizations that try to hold those casinos accountable. Since the government in most countries isn’t willing to put in the hard work, the gambling community took it upon itself to stop those casinos. And, the number one tool in the fight against rogue online casinos is the infamous blacklist.

How Do Casinos Get Blacklisted

Independent reviewers constantly monitor most of the casinos that pop up. And, thanks to them, various services can find out what to expect from those casinos. If the reviewers notice too many instances of certain actions, those casinos will undoubtedly find their way onto the blacklist. These are the actions that can warrant a spot in the list of rogue casinos:

  • Slowing down the payout process for successful customers
  • Finding excuses to withhold the withdrawals or stop them entirely
  • Creating false ads or casino bonuses that simply don’t exist
  • Spamming
  • Unfair games with rigged random number generators
  • Other questionable actions

The List of Rogue Casinos

And, of course, no rogue casino article can truly go through without mentioning some of the “famous” examples of casinos that most reviewers no longer have faith in:

Gibson Casino

Gibson casino started out with great online casino reviews thanks to the incredible design and an original approach to visual solutions. It’s very easy to look at the casino and get drawn in by the Wild West theme it boasts.

But, it has destroyed its own credibility due to the fact that they simply don’t pay their customers out the way they should. Even officially, they have 15 to 18 days of approval period for any cashouts you demand. Some players even report that the casino stole their deposit money.

The bad situation gets even worse when you realize that they have consistently failed to pay their customers for legitimate wins. The last nail in its coffin came from the fact that Google Chrome warns people that the website might be a phishing page.

Lady Dream

Most gambling sites are designed to appeal to the male demographic. However, Lady Dream is one of the few that target the fair sex, and for that reason, they were relatively popular for a while.

However, it is one of the rare casinos that still use software created by Wager21. Unfortunately, that software has been known to players around the world for all the wrong reasons. Sure, it’s easy to play on this platform thanks to the fact that the games are Flash-based. But, that is about the only good thing most people say about this platform.

On the other hand, the main issue of this software comes from the fact that it is simply not fair. The games were specifically designed to mislead players. For example, when you start playing in the “free mode” you will receive incredible payouts. Of course, the rates are close enough to seem legitimate, but they are significantly boosted in comparison to the payouts you get when you play with real money.

On top of that, Lady Dream was also noted for making withdrawals difficult for successful players.

Dollaro Poker

If we are speaking about casinos that you should avoid, Dollaro Poker instantly comes to mind. It takes only seconds to go to your search engine and find numerous complaints from people that were scorned by this casino.

For starters, you can see several reviews of people that won incredible amounts of money only to be unable to withdraw them. They stall their payments and some people explain that they have only received about 20% of their winnings over the course of 6 months. And, not only that, but they will even go as far as to block the complaining customer from reaching them altogether.

But, that is not it, they are also known to stiff the members of their affiliate program. You can find a review from one of their affiliates with a very detailed story about how they refused to pay tens of thousands of euros that he has earned.


Games4Money is yet another casino that has earned a spot on multiple blacklists. Not only are they known for shady practices, but it gets much worse. For starters, some of the reviewers have said that their winnings would randomly disappear from their accounts, which is much worse than simply drawing out the payments.

But, the worst part lies in the fact that some players reported that they received threats from Games4Money when they outed them for their actions. With all of that in mind, it might even be easy to overlook the simple fact that the website isn’t even encrypted, which makes it inherently unsafe for gambling.


BetVictor has made one of the worst mistakes a rogue casino can – they stole money from affiliates that have incredibly popular review sites. For years, this casino has operated without a hitch as a part of a legitimate group.

However, they have apparently introduced termination clauses in their terms and conditions for affiliates and refused to pay them.

And, if BetVictor is capable of stealing from people that were their advocates and that have a powerful following of casino-goers, they can be willing to steal from players by altering the T’s and C’s as they see fit.

Staybet Casino

Staybet is one of the new online casinos that have been popping out lately. However, even with the short time it has been around, it has managed to earn the ire of multiple customers. By looking at the comments the customers leave at review websites, you can notice that they usually don’t resolve the issues their customers report.

Customers have reported that the casino is refusing to payout their winnings, that the customer support never answers in time, and that they even change the terms and conditions on the website as they see fit.

Moreover, it is almost impossible to get a hold of the management of the casino. In fact, this casino will make it difficult for their players even to begin playing as they take way too long to verify the ID the players have to send.

Some players have even voiced concerns that the casino forces their employees to generate positive reviews for the casino.

Atlantic Casino Club

At first glance, the Atlantic Casino Club seems like the average casino you are used to seeing on the internet. But, as soon as you take a closer look, you can notice several issues with this casino. The most important issue of those is the fact that they were caught serving games pirated from various developers.

For some players, that might not sound like too big of an issue. However, what most players forget is that pirated games aren’t necessarily as fair as the original versions. When you play stolen games, you can’t rely on the usual return to player rate of those games.

Namely, the casino can alter the payout rates or even completely remove the randomness. So, make sure to avoid any casinos that were caught pirating games.

GoWild Casino

GoWild Casino is one of the casinos that got caught using terms and conditions that are far from being fair. In essence, the terms and conditions are defined in a way that ensures that almost any winner has to violate them before they get to withdraw the funds.

That leaves the players open to various levels of abuse and manipulation. Moreover, some of the rules are set up in a way that prevents their players from doing something as simple as changing the amounts they wager.

The worst is yet to come. They are even willing to go as far as to forbid even money bets in roulette and blackjack. You can’t even double-up with this casino, even if the games give you that option. In essence, the moment you click on “I agree” with this casino, you give your consent to get robbed.


WinBig21 is yet another casino that started out strong until they made a 180-degree turn and slowly ruined their reputation. Multiple players have reported that they did not receive their winnings and the management of the casino has even gone as far as to suddenly stop answering requests from their players.

Also, the affiliate managers have stopped helping their affiliates leading to them getting blacklisted.

Wild Vegas Casino

As you have noticed, failing to pay their customers their winnings is a major issue and will land casinos on a blacklist. And Wild Vegas has done just that. This group of casinos has been looking for ways to stall the withdrawals any way they can. That includes additional requests for proof of identity and otherwise relatively poor customer service.

But, one of the reasons that customers are reluctant to have faith in this group is the owner. Namely, he was not only arrested but actually convicted for fraud back in 1997.

How to Get Your Casino Removed From a Blacklist

Getting off of a blacklist is not an easy task. Casinos usually have to work hard to get on one of those lists. Most reviewers aren’t willing to even suggest blacklisting if the amoral behavior doesn’t last for a while and if it doesn’t appear multiple times.

So, in order to get off from one of this lists, a casino has to make some drastic changes. One of the important steps is changing the people at the top of the company. New management followed by a new company policy is always a good start.

Of course, that, in and of itself, is not enough to warrant removal. Any casino on the list will have to prove that they have changed for the better and that they have improved their behavior. In fact, it will take a casino a few years to go back to the coveted whitelist. Unfortunately, casinos that manage to accomplish the said feat are very few and far between.


A wise person would do their best to avoid gambling at any of the casinos that find their way onto a trustworthy blacklist. However, the final decision is up to you. If you find a casino that offers great bonuses and promises the world to you, and you see it on a blacklist, you can still play with it. But, that is not something we would recommend.

Remember, not all casinos use fair games and not everyone is willing to honor their part of the deal when money is at stake. So, you should focus on finding legitimate online casinos.

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