Topaze casino

Topaze Casino started working in 2010 as the part of the Morriyen N.V. casino group based in Costa Rica. Although the company ran the business there, it had a license from the Government of Curaçao.

The casino is allegedly not functioning now. The group that used to own this gambling site has other casinos under its wing, such as Rome VIP Casino and Diamond VIP Casino. We don’t know for sure in what kind of the rogue business they were involved, but the site has a bad reputation mainly because of the piracy and other illegal activities.

The casino’s games were mainly provided by Pragmatic Play. Since it was offering pirated games, the reason it was blacklisted is quite apparent.

First Impression

Although Topaze terminated its operation, we found some information about the website. Based on reviews, it looked quite poor and ordinary. Besides, we discovered that they hadn’t had a great choice of games to offer. Apart from the fantastic welcome bonus of €3,000, they had very little to boast.

The fact that the site is no longer functioning speaks volumes. We couldn’t expect more from the online casino that was stealing games from the software providers and presenting them as originals on their website. Therefore, we are going to explore the damage that pirated software can cause to the players.

Games and Software

Unfortunately, we couldn’t see what the website looked like and what kind of games the casino offered, but we know that Pragmatic Play (or TopGame, as some of you may know it) was its main game supplier. Also, if you’ve heard of this one, you are probably aware that it’s quite an ordinary provider with the most basic slot games.

Pragmatic Play was rebranded in 2015, and it doesn’t have an impressive reputation. The company was infamous for providing the games of questionable quality and for the low payout limits.

General impression about this software provider is similar to the opinion of the Topaze online casino; both of them have failed in running a decent gaming business.

The games this casino used to offer were one big disappointment. Those were average slots that had quite common themes and unfinished graphics.

On top of all, this gambling site blatantly fooled its clients. The operators used to manipulate the games to make a profit and were programming them so that the players couldn’t win. For instance, they were removing the wild symbol from the 1st and 5th reel in some slot games. That way, they made it impossible for the players to win (jackpot could be triggered by five wilds only). This case was just one example of what they were resorting to in order to steal the money from the gamblers.

We must say that it’s good news that this casino has been shut down. No one deserves such poor treatment, and all blacklisted casinos should halt their operation until they change their ethical and moral principles. However, it is too late for some casinos, as many of them have disappeared from the online gambling scene. Topaze casino is the perfect instance. If you ask our opinion, it should never resume its work.

User Experience

The main problem with Topaze casino was their way of communicating with the clients. They had unclear terms and conditions that were written only to confuse the players. The terms that concerned the withdrawal didn’t allow them to collect significant amounts of money. The casino representatives stated that if the player wanted to claim the amount higher than $1,500, the transaction wouldn’t be possible.

The clients had to wait for approximately 15-18 working days to get the money after the withdrawal request had been approved. That means that the best-case scenario was getting the money in a month. However, there is no reason for a transaction to take that long, as most of the other casinos complete the payouts within a couple of hours.

We live in the 21st century, we have the fastest technologies that continue to develop, and the money transaction isn’t the most complicated process. If it takes more than 7 days for a withdrawal request to be approved, or if you have to wait for a month to get the money, just know that you are dealing with a scam casino.

These utterly confusing terms and conditions were compiled so that the operators could justify their rogue business practices.

The troubled story of this gambling site didn’t end here. Topaze had severe problems with the bonus terms. It was stated on its website that a player who deposited less than $250 and won a lot, couldn’t claim the due amount of money that easily. The player could earn a maximum of 10x their deposit, regardless of the bonuses. Once the player submitted a withdrawal request, the casino would apply this rule, and all the other funds would be automatically defined as non-withdrawable — such a lousy way of saying that you don’t want to pay your players.

Pros and Cons


  • They don’t exist anymore


  • Pirated software
  • Poor game selection
  • Low-quality games
  • Low winnings
  • Slow payouts

Our Verdict

This kind of rogue casinos usually don’t last for too long, but while they are functioning, a lot of damage is done. Unfortunately, Topaze made a lot of money from the players’ deposits, and after they couldn’t handle the players’ complaints, they shut the website down and disappeared. However, not all rogue casinos are the same. You may play in the casino that looks outstanding and even has positive reviews, but it may use a pirated software provider, or there will be a lot of complaints regarding the payout.

Sometimes it’s not that easy to understand whether a casino is rogue or not because of its image (some of them have great marketing campaigns) and because of the way they keep the balance between stealing and paying the players. Therefore, you need to be super vigilant when you want to make a deposit and always look for the top recommended casinos. Such situations when the users don’t get their money happen quite often. Needless to say, these users never get their funds back. Remember to check the blacklist of the new casinos regularly, so that you don’t end up depositing at one.

Casino Rating

  • Customer Support: 3/10
  • Cashout Time: 2/10
  • Software: 1/10
  • Jurisdiction: 6/10
  • Total: 3/10


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