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Players Only Casino has been present in the online gambling world for over two decades now. Although an impressive feat, this rogue casino did not take advantage of it at times. There were numerous complaints about non-payment and slow payouts in the past. However, it would seem that they have decided to put a stop to this, and now they are giving their best to repair their reputation.

General Information

Players Only Casino was established back in 1996. Upon closer inspection, we were not able to find a license on their website. This, in turn, prompted us to go visit the Terms and Conditions section. Unfortunately, we did not succeed there either. Hence, we delved deeper into this matter and found out that some notable websites claim that Players Only has a license granted by the government of Curaçao. With this formal “approval,” they are able to continue running this website.

This online casino itself is getting a lot of praises because it is an online sportsbook. Apart from this, some players are mesmerized by the fact that it includes software from two providers — RealTime Gaming and Betsoft. However, not even this could stop their reputation from getting tarnished in the online community. Some players came forward to disclose just how they fell victims to this rogue casino operator. To explain better, the owner is the Jazette Enterprises Limited. They operate numerous casinos which tend to change their Terms and Conditions and enforce them retroactively.

This allegation has greatly compromised the casino and made its loyal players second-guess their decision to spend their time there. Incidentally, there are some complaints which attest to the fact that this operator does not pay out their players. This occurs rarely, but the accusations are still worrisome. Because of them, we are not comfortable enough to recommend a casino that has a dubious history.

First Impression

Players Only Casino has set up a vibrant website. It has also enriched its layout so much so that you might feel like you are visiting Las Vegas all from the comfort of your own home. In all fairness, it would be remiss of us if we did not praise the variety of games it includes. Here you will find everything your heart might desire from poker and sports to casino games. You can locate each category easily and then skim through them. They have certainly made online gambling that much easier.

Besides, there is a separate section named “Promos” that we would recommend you to examine carefully. If you want to use one, you should be aware of any requirements they might have so as to fulfill them. The Terms and Conditions section is noticeably missing from the website. That’s right, even if you wanted to, you wouldn’t be able to read them and see for yourself what you can or cannot do.

Furthermore, another thing that can cause frustration is the fact that customer support is not easily accessible. Namely, you can click the “Contact” button, and you will not find any relevant information. There is no email address or phone number — you can merely fill in a form which is an option only if you log into your account. The fact that there is no live chat option sticks out like a sore thumb. If you need immediate assistance, well good luck with that, because you will need to wait for them to respond to your query.

Moving on to more pleasant things now — bonuses. Just like any other site, this one offers certain casino bonuses. If you want to view them, you will need to log into your account first. At the time of writing, Players Only Casino offers a 100% reload bonus. A reload bonus is provided only to existing members who have already placed a deposit. More often than not, it serves as a means of encouraging loyal players to keep returning for more.

All in all, if you were just a beginner who did not know about some allegations concerning slow payments, then you would be impressed by their website and in awe of the diverse games.

Games and Software

Players Only Casino is powered by RealTime Gaming (RTG) and Betsoft. These two gaming software providers are the reason why it can brag about its games and a selection which can make some casinos plain in comparison.

RTG is one of the best software providers. It prides itself on a myriad of video slots. Their games feature numerous themes that attract everyone’s attention. When it comes to Betsoft, it was founded in 2006. It mainly develops video slot games as well. Still, some players have their doubts about it. To explain, there were few reports about unpaid winnings and rigged games. However, now they are trying to move from this and focus on bettering their service. Betsoft was not a reason why certain review sites blacklisted the casino. We will discuss the real reason behind this shortly.

Before we move onto the displeasing parts, we do have to say that their games deserve your attention. If you are a casino enthusiast, then these guys have you covered. From blackjack to slots, they have truly thought about the wider audience and have provided a selection that we would advise you to check.

Additionally, Players Only Casino seems to be constantly working on their website and endeavor to modify it. For instance, in the past, you were able to navigate the website and examine everything without being logged in. However, this has changed recently, and a registered account is required if you want to do anything on the site. Browsing through the games sometimes poses an issue as the window for logging in pops up constantly.

User Experience

Judging from the reviews on certain watchdog portals, players seem to be satisfied with this casino. However, there are also stories which attest to their poor service. If you were to research this website before joining it, then you would find numerous complaints that describe how this casino refused to pay out its players.

One player tried to withdraw $1,200 from his account, but he did not get this amount even after five months. Players Only Casino representatives stated they had issues with the payment processors. This would have been understandable since payment processors were closed down in the past, as they were not abiding by certain laws. This, in turn, suspended the payment, and some casinos had to start the process from scratch. It would have been a plausible explanation had the casino not blocked his account shortly thereafter. Their decision made him question them, and he started to doubt whether they had ever even planned to pay him out.

Another player had a similar, if not the same, issue. He wanted to withdraw the money he earned in installments. However, he did not receive what he was due for several months. He then saw that his account was suspended. Unlike the above-mentioned player, this one got a favorable ending. By calling customer service, he was able to reactivate his account and start a withdrawal process. This complaint serves as a positive thing as well, in that, the support team carefully listened to the issue and managed to resolve it. The player then started another process without any hitch.

Overall, we did not stumble upon a lot of complaints or bad experiences regarding Players Only Casino. However, we cannot dismiss the above issues and wholeheartedly recommend you to spend time at it. The fact that you can encounter some problem during the withdrawal process on a gambling site is worrisome.

Pros and Cons


  • Great software
  • Impressive website
  • A fascinating variety of games

  • Payment issues (including not paying out)
  • English only
  • Owned by the Jazette Entertainment group known to be rogue


Our Verdict

To conclude, Players Only Casino provides decent gambling services. On their website, they claim to welcome any suggestions from players that can help them improve their service. Therefore, we do hope that they have heard from those customers who are concerned about the non-payment and that they will endeavor not to have this repeated.

It goes without saying that RTG and Betsoft elevate the whole online experience. It is because of them that the casino can give a vast number of options to its players. Players Only Casino would have rated higher had it not been for its rogue owners and their business practices.

Casino Rating

Customer support: 7/10

Cashout time: 5/10

Software: 7/10

Jurisdiction: 6/10

Total: 6.5/10


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