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Among the vast number of blacklisted casinos, you can find a variety of violations. Some gambling websites interfere with payouts, some ignore questions and complaints from players, and then, there are some that combine them all. Casino operators can turn out to be thieves on the loose, which is why it is important that you gamble responsibly. Luckily for you, we review sites in order to provide you with all details that could prove useful.

In this article, we present you 21Grand, one of the gambling websites that is now among the blacklisted casinos. The unethical business practices of its operators became apparent when complaints started piling up in a large quantity. As it turns out, this online casino has a history of stalling and denying payouts, as well as changing certain terms and conditions in order to justify not delivering the winnings. Apparently, the already shady terms were not sufficiently disrespecting towards players.

On top of it all, 21Grand casino has a rather strange customer support team. If you are an experienced gambler, you probably know that poor customer service is not uncommon in the online gambling world. Rogue websites are usually known for it. However, this casino has taken the matter to a whole new level. The customer support team of 21Grand has proven itself quite rude, almost equally rude as the operators themselves.

General Information

21Grand Сasino has been licensed by the Curaçao authorities, which is considered to be a decent jurisdiction. It is not as reliable as some of them, but in comparison to the authorities of Costa Rica, it is a well-established license. Nevertheless, holding the license did not prevent 21Grand Casino from mistreating its customers in the most outrageous ways.

The software provider that powers games at 21Grand Casino holds, perhaps, is the only advantage this gambling website has to show for. Rival Gaming is a well-known software company, known for its entertaining and profitable array of games. Its site is available in the US, which makes it even more popular.

On the one hand, 21Grand Casino offers the possibility of instant play and downloading the app. In fact, this is a nice choice, because this option allows you to play even while you are offline. On the other hand, it also gives the operators one more way to rip you off. The same goes for the mobile option. If you are gambling at a legitimate casino, having access to its games via your mobile device is a distinct advantage. However, if you play for real money at 21Grand Casino, you can expect that your money transaction will be rejected both via computer and mobile device.

The option of playing live games is also included. It seems that the operators have put quite an effort into making the casino appealing to the audience. Do not let them mislead you, as they have been caught running the casino the rogue way.

First impression

Given the fact that 21Grand Casino continues to operate, we have made an effort to take a look at their website. We have to admit that at first glance it looks rather satisfying. The graphics are pretty well designed and user-friendly thanks to the combination of red, gold, and royal blue colors. Different animations can be seen depending on the section of games you select.

At the top of the page, there are options for opening an account and logging in to the system. Just below them, you can see the ones relevant to the games, promotions, and withdrawals, as well as the button for customer support. However, some of the aforementioned options do not work properly, as selecting them leads you to a blank page.

You can find games in the middle of the webpage, and you have an option to choose any specific game. In additions to that, the players are given the opportunity to see which live dealer they can expect, depending on the game they selected.

Other relevant sections, such as terms and conditions, frequently asked questions, and privacy policy can be found at the very bottom of the page. Above them are listed all the payment options users can choose from.

Games and Software

The selection of games is decent enough, as all the standard games are offered. There are slot games, table games, and video poker, plus the specialty games section that offers Sudoku, Keno, Bingo, etc. However, the number of available games is not impressive, as there are a lot of online casinos that offer a wider range of games.

As for the software provider, we have already mentioned that 21Grand Casino uses Rival Gaming. Its games are rather good, with fun features and good graphics. Nevertheless, if you want to play for real, look for these games at some other casinos. This one is not worth the effort.

User Experience

As we have previously stated, the biggest problem 21Grand Casino has been causing to players is related to money, the cornerstone of the responsible gambling business. Other than that, the casino is known to have been spamming players on multiple occasions, as well as for the connection to an affiliate program that has been hacking into other sites.

One of the users reported about the experience with 21Grand Casino and its payout policy. Apparently, he had troubles regarding the withdrawal request. After receiving a casino bonus and meeting the wagering requirements, his account was closed, and he has not succeeded in collecting his winnings yet.

Another user has had problems regarding the payment option. Upon fulfilling the wagering requirements, he attempted to withdraw the money using another payment method. He was informed he had to make a deposit using that method first. However, he was not able to withdraw his funds even after doing so. And this case has not been resolved yet as well.

Yet another user has been going through a terrible ordeal because of 21Grand Casino. Not only did he not receive their winnings, but he also faced awful customer support in the process.

Pros and Cons

The only positive thing we can think about when it comes to 21Grand Casino is the software provider. Rival Gaming is the silver lining in this thieving bunch, that is for sure. It is probably the only reason the operators manage to appeal to players.

As for the cons, the list is rather long. First of all, the casino is notorious for not delivering payments. This is by far the most severe damage an online casino can cause to the gambling community. Other than that, this casino also has a rather rude and unprofessional customer support team. That speaks in favor of the intentions of the operators towards their clients. To top it all off, not only are they changing the terms and conditions to justify their theft, but they also state, in the same section, that the players need to wait between 15 and 18 working days to have their withdrawal request reviewed. When you keep in mind the unreasonable withdrawal limits, you will comprehend why you should avoid this casino.

Our Verdict

Upon taking everything we have discovered about 21Grand Casino into consideration, we feel confident to advise you against ever trusting it with your money. Between waiting for weeks before being able to collect your money and dealing with disrespectful customer service, you are better off. With all the recommended casinos available online, you really do not need the hassle 21Grand Casino will definitely cause you if you dare to play there.

Casino Rating

  • Complaint resolution: 2/10
  • Cashout time: 2/10
  • Software: 8/10
  • Jurisdiction/license: 6/10
  • Total score: 4/10


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