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In the world of online gambling, there is a great number of casinos whose way of operating can only be described as unethical. These gambling sites have questionable business practices due to a variety of reasons. Sometimes they have unprofessional and/or unresponsive customer service, sometimes they spam their players, and at times they simply refuse to pay them out. However, one thing they all have in common is disrespect for their customers. Withholding players’ winnings is especially outrageous, and it is the reason Indio Casino has become a member of the shameful family of blacklisted casinos.

The operators of this gambling website have gone so far as to make up excuses for not delivering payouts. They even had the audacity to limit payouts for progressive jackpot in order to get the players to deposit more money and make up for what they have won that way. On top of that, they dared to restrict players who have fulfilled their wagering requirement from collecting their winnings.

The reason for such unethical and downright rude behavior is that some of these players have not been depositing bigger amounts of money than the required one. Every gambler knows that if they play for real money and they meet the wagering requirement set by the casino, they have every right to collect the money they have won fair and square.

General Information

Indio Casino was licensed by the government of Curaçao, which is decent enough. However, the fact that the online casino which turned out to be rogue has a license only confirms that licensed does not necessarily mean legitimate. This casino is not qualified to operate according to the standards this type of website needs to meet. Everything mentioned in the previous paragraph and all the information that we have yet to provide you with speak in favor of that statement.

The software provider that powers this online casino is Playtech, one of the most popular and reliable pieces of software.

This casino does not offer the possibility of playing live games, but it does have the option of playing on a mobile device. That way, it enables gamblers to have access to its games while on the go, which could be considered a positive thing if this casino was not fraudulent. However, given that it has, in fact, been labeled as such, we advise you not to be tempted by it. There are many legitimate online casinos that offer the same possibility. And those may actually be worth your time, energy, and money, unlike this one.

As for the deposit bonus, that story is a highlight of this casino’s scam way of operating. The operators themselves do not agree with the bonus terms they have set, so they allow themselves the luxury of choosing which players deserve to be paid. To simplify it, if you win a bonus at their casino, they may choose not to deliver it to you, even though you have met the wagering requirement stated in the terms and conditions section. You must be wondering why. Well, the explanation, according to their logic, is that you have not deposited an amount of money they would be considered big enough. This is not just laughable, but extremely rude and unprofessional, not to mention against the rules.

First Impression

As Indio Casino still exists, we have loaded their website in order to provide you with a more detailed description. The layout is quite decent, meaning that it has been designed to look appealing and transparent enough so that users would find it simple to navigate.

All the relevant pieces of information are easily accessible and can be found either at the top or at the bottom of the page. Some of the information present is about the available payment methods, the selection of games, offered promotions, customer support, and details regarding the casino’s license.

Nevertheless, you are strongly advised not to be tempted by the look of the casino’s website. Remember it has been proven illegitimate, so you should not trust almost anything you see there. Our first impression, as well as our general opinion about Indio Casino, is that it should be avoided at all costs.

Games and Software

The selection of games is pretty good, which is hardly a surprise, given that the software provider is Playtech, as we have already mentioned. Furthermore, there is a wide range of different slots with entertaining themes, as well as video poker and table games. Players can browse through the games and easily find the particular game they want to play thanks to the search button provided in the upper right corner of the page.

We’ve already mentioned this casino’s software provider, and if you are an experienced gambler, you must be familiar with its reputation. As we have previously stated, Playtech is an established piece of software with a good reputation. It powers a variety of great games that are very popular in the online gambling community. On top of that, Playtech games are highly reliable. It is a shame that this casino got involved in such shady business when you take its provider and the games it features into consideration.

User Experience

As you have probably expected, there is a rather large number of unresolved complaints about Indio Casino that can be found online. This is the exact reason why it is highly recommended to review the sites that have damaged or threatened to damage players in any way. So if you stumble upon such an online casino, we advise you to alert as many people as possible. The whole gambling community will be thankful.

We have already mentioned that people have had rather serious problems with this casino when it comes to payouts. For instance, one user has not been able to collect over 200 thousand Indian rupees and the casino’s customer service has been ignoring their complaints for months.

Moreover, another player has been playing at the casino for over five years, so they should be considered a loyal customer. Nevertheless, Indio Casino has been withholding their money, as well and refusing to explain why by simply failing to respond to their complaints.

To Pay or Not to Pay, That Is the Question

Here’s another example of a user that has gone through a horrible ordeal. They provided the whole online gambling community the proof in the form of an email they had received from the casino’s operators. In the email, they informed the user that, even though they fulfilled the wagering requirement, their winnings will not be delivered to them. As a reason, they specified that the user has not been depositing more than a bare minimum, and therefore, cannot be considered a loyal customer. This is outrageous on its own, and even more when you look back to the user who has been a loyal customer and has not been able to cash out their winnings as well.

Based on these examples, you can come to the conclusion that Indio Casino has been breaking one of the most important rules of gambling for a long time. The rule we are referring to is simple — if you run a casino, and therefore, set the wagering requirement and bonus terms yourself, respect them. If you do not, you automatically disrespect the players. Operators of a casino cannot choose not to deliver payouts to the players who play by the rules.

Pros and Cons

When you take all the information we have gathered and given you, it is obvious that Indio Casino does not deserve any praises. However, there is a couple of positive things about it. First of all, it meets certain standards when it comes to the selection of the games. The software provider that powers these games, Playtech, compliments that impression. As we all know, you are destined to have fun playing its games thanks to the versatility it brings into them. The authority that issued the license can also be considered a plus, as it is reliable enough.

On the other hand, there is a whole pile of cons, and they all signal you to stay away from this casino as clearly as possible. Not only do the operators refrain from delivering player’s winnings, but they also have the audacity to attempt to justify with petty reasons. That is literally screaming that the players’ deposits were just not big enough for their taste. Hence, they are not just common thieves but super greedy ones. And the worst thing about it is that they are arrogant enough to demand bigger amounts of money so openly as if there were no rules they needed to conform to. Such behavior resulted in Indio Casino being proclaimed rogue, which is a silver lining, as now people know they should avoid it.


To sum everything up, no amount of good games can make up for fraudulent business practices. Had this casino been fair and had the operators realized that the rules of gambling applied to them as well as everybody else, this would have been one great casino. It already has a good provider, entertaining games, and solid graphics, so it just needed fair staff to gain a good reputation. Unfortunately, that is not a small thing, and it should not be disregarded, as unfair staff leads to a series of other problems, ultimately overshadowing all the positive things. As a result, the complaints pile up, the players abandon the casino, and a blacklisted family welcomes a new member.

Casino rating

  • Complaint Resolution: 1/10
  • Cashout Time: 1/10
  • Software: 9/10
  • Jurisdiction/License: 6/10
  • Total Score: 4/10


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