You will not find Sportsbook on the list of recommended casinos even though it has been present on the gambling market for about 23 years. This is an online gambling site where the dreams of the players go to die.

At first glance, this honest online casino provides entertainment and you get the adrenaline pumping through your veins. Once that adrenaline wears off, you will realize that it is not going to live up to your expectations. If you do not want to cry tears of disappointment, then you should steer clear of this website.

General Information

Sportsbook Casino has been there for betting enthusiasts since 1996. It can definitely brag about it as, along with its sister casinos, it is one of the longest-standing betting sites. And its ownership is often discussed in the gambling circles.

In a Not-So-Distant Past

In its early days, the casino belonged to the SportsLine USA. This group launched Sportsbook after their Players Only Casino, and later on sold both of these websites to the Sportingbet.

What’s more, when the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act of 2006 came into force, casinos were forbidden to accept payments from people who wanted to gamble. The Act actually made online gambling unlawful in the USA. Once it came into force, a lot of owners became concerned about it and rushed to get rid of their casinos. This was when Jazette Enterprises Limited entered the game. They acquired the casinos owned by Sportingbet for only $1.00. This move was widely publicized back then owing to the debts Jazette accepted to repay.

New Owner – Same Business Practices

Jazette was a relatively unknown name back then. However, it did not take them long to develop an unenviable reputation. Most watchdog portals have blacklisted their casinos, with numerous complaints from players to back up their decision. In other words, a lot of players testified to the practice of slow payments that seemed to be a recurring feature shared by this group of casinos.

In addition, they would delay large withdrawals, especially if a player had previously applied for withdrawal. More often, these casinos would suspend someone’s account, basing their decision on some pathetic excuses. And Sportsbook resorted to these tactics as well. The common denominator was a significant amount of money requested by players. So this casino did not want to give their players what they earned. If you were caught in such a situation, you would need to move mountains to reach a conclusion and you would not rely on their customer support for help. Basically, you would be left on your own until the casino decided how they would proceed.


Although not stated on its website, many believe that Sportsbook Casino has a license issued by Antigua and Barbuda. This government was one of the first to grant licenses for launching an online casino. Namely, they have been licensing casinos for over two decades. Unlike other licensing jurisdictions, this one accepts U.S. players and the commonly used currency is the US dollar.

First Impression

The first thought that came to our mind while we were looking at its website was that we had already seen this layout before. It did not take us long to figure out that we were on a site similar to the one used by Players Only. Of course, we were not surprised as we confirmed that the same group owned both of them. Imagination, anyone?

Anyway, the website looks simple when compared to other ones that seem to rely on flashiness and that want to create a vibrant Vegas-like atmosphere for their players. Although simple, we do appreciate how well organized it is. They list all of their categories on the left and offer convenient navigation which you will appreciate. If you are interested in tennis, you are only one click away from accessing the ongoing tournaments and placing your bet. Of course, you would need to log into your account before proceeding.

Furthermore, as with the Players Only site, certain sections are only available to registered users. In particular, you cannot view their promotions without an account. This could be a major drawback for these websites. Some players are immediately drawn to this section in order to establish whether a particular casino is worth their time. If the promotions are not visible, this may prompt some to decide that a casino is not worth a shot. There is no separate Terms and Conditions section on it. This already seems shady. It makes us wonder – what are they trying to hide? Well, we are pretty sure that, whatever it may be, they will find a way to use it in their favor.

Even though offering an array of casino games, Sportsbook would attract more betting enthusiasts than casino lovers. They do not advertise the deposit bonus on the home page, but you can see a reload bonus. And it is the same bonus as the one seen on the Players Only site. They even have the same activation code, and this is only available for Bitcoin. Just to prove how similar these two websites are, they are both showing the same amount allegedly won by one player. To be honest, we are not sure anymore where Players Only ends and Sportsbook begins.

Games and Software

Sportsbook offers a variety of bets and claims to be your go-to source for online sports betting. And, we have to say, they are not wrong about this. Upon checking its website, we could not help but notice its wide selection of options. Seriously, they have thought about every sport you can only imagine.

You can bet on everything and anything, and, we are not talking about sports only. ‘Tis the  Oscar season? Don’t worry – you can try your luck by placing your bet on the leading categories, including “Best Actor” and “Best Actress”. For those of you more well-versed in music, there is a special category for Grammy.

If you are a politics aficionado, you will be happy to see their politics section. You can bet on who will be the next president of the USA. Their list ranges from Hollywood actors to previous unsuccessful candidates. Apart from this, the casino offers a number of table, video poker, and blackjack games. Of course, it would not be complete without slot games, including 3-reel ones. Their sports categories range from boxing, soccer, the Super Bowl, MMA to tennis, NASCAR, and golf.

Moving on to their website, it is powered by BetSoft software. Due to this, Sportsbook is able to provide games which many players will find to be fun and immersive. The assortment here includes about 100 games. Admittedly, other sites offer more than this, but, as Sportsbooks is primarily a betting website, this number is admirable.

Overall, if we were only concerned with casino software and games, then Sportsbook would have a higher score. Nevertheless, it is impossible for us to disregard its dubious history that entails scamming players and refusing to pay out.

User Experience

In order for you to see why we have come to the conclusion that Sportsbook Casino should be avoided, we will highlight a few experiences shared by former players.

In one case, a player said that Sportsbook Casino confiscated $3,000, which he earned through various bets on the casino website. Once he registered his account, he deposited $3,300 and placed a bet on the Houston Astros. Ultimately, he won the bet. As part of a standard procedure, Sportsbook said he would need to send them certain documents so that they could validate his account. He did not see anything weird in this and sent them the documents shortly.

Imagine his surprise when he woke up the next day only to see that his account was closed. In a very short e-mail message, customer service informed him that he could not create any new account and that they will refund his deposit. This meant that they would not pay out his winning wager.

The player sent numerous e-mails demanding an explanation, but they were not willing to cooperate. They were only addressing one thing – that he would receive a refund for the deposit. At one point, they said that they would not disclose any further details as to how they reached their decision. This prompted the player to search for help. He posted his story on one review site. Ultimately, they contacted Sportsbook for a detailed explanation. By way of explanation for these actions, they claimed that the player forged his documents. They did not disclose any more information but paid back the deposit.

Another example comes from a player who submitted a withdrawal request in the amount of $1,000. At the time of filing the complaint, he had been waiting for about ten weeks for his payout, even though it usually took six to eight weeks. Unfortunately, there is no update on this complaint. However, we can easily infer that this story probably did not have a happy ending. At least not for the player.

Pros and Cons


  • Good software
  • Accepts Bitcoin
  • Provides a variety of betting games

  • Owned by Jazette Entertainment, infamous rogue group
  • Unresponsive customer support
  • A large number of complaints about slow payouts and non-payments

Our Verdict

Sportsbook is a true example of a rogue casino. They will stop at nothing to cheat their players out of their money and come up with excuses that will back up their decisions.

They will turn into predators as soon as they notice that a player has won a substantial amount of money and will start to search for loopholes in their Terms and Conditions that they can use. If they do not find them, then they will come up with something.

It goes without saying that you should steer clear of Sportsbook and its sister casinos. After all, how can you possibly win at a rigged casino?

Casino Rating

Customer support: 5/10

Cashout time: 3/10

Software: 6/10

Jurisdiction: 4/10

Total: 4.5/10


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